Post Brighton – week 64, run 65!!! THE END IS NIGH!!!

Brighton blog

Well it has been a hard week. Working very long days at work alongside meetings meant that the revels diet (temporarily swapped to twix pieces and chocolate covered popcorn) made a very big comeback. Most days i managed to finish work, come home and eat rubbish, have a bath and go to bed. Almost forgot to feed the lovely kitten at onee point – all very stressful. OH, BY THE WAY – NEVER TRY TO WRITE A BLOG WHILST THE KITTEN IS SHARING YOUR DESK – THIS HAS TAKEN ME HOURS!

Any way, this all meant that i decided to get the train to Brighton as i really did not have the energy to drive. I was obviously a little the worse for wear memory wise as yesterday morning i rushed around like a mad thing, cancelled a meeting and rushed saying goodbye to Willow Pumpkin Seed in order to get to the train station by 12.30. I managed this with time to spare …..only to realise that my train went at 13.40 – i therefore spent an hour “relaxing” before the train actually went! Not the best start…

Fortunately things got better – i was picked up from the station by my lovely friend Sarah and her husband Geoff (yep the friend i haven’t managed to see in 20 yrs has now been seen twice – thank you Luca!) We went to see Sarah’s mam whom i hadn’t seen for about 20 yrs either which was totally fab and then we went out for dinner. I met the lovely Stefan and Lewis and had a cwtch with the rather cute Honey and with Willow (not of the pumpkin seed variety) and went to bed (rather late after some more reminiscing over school photos). Sarah’s mam had provided a bed and a quilt and pillow so i was totally sorted!

This morning i got tea in bed and then got driven to the start of the run. The weather was ideal for a run (especially if you are a proper runner appreciating such things – unfortunately i am still in the “i don’t like running” frame of mind – still 4 more runs to do so guess my mind might change?!)

Anyway – the run was lush – fast and flat – unlike me!!! I managed around 65 minutes which wasnt too bad although that was my last organised run for Luca so i never managed to break the hour mark. Geoff then drove me to the railway station and i wrote the draft of this blog on the train wending my way wearily home.

This weeked Luca was 5. The fotos look like he had an amazing party. He was 3 when i started this challenge and it is amazing how time has flown. He and his parents and brother have made such progress and it has been a pleasure to be a small part of their journey.

I have also realised how blessed I am to have such a lovely family (however dysfunctional we all are at times!) and also what a great set of friends I have always had but never truely appreciated.

This week the lovely Rhod Gibert also advertised my challenge for Luca on his facebook page – an amazing gesture by a very lovely man for an equally lovely young man – thank you xxx

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