Post Cambridge and Peterborough, week 63 runs 63 and 64!!!

Cambridge blog

Peterborough blog

Well i am obviously getting worse and worse at this time management thing! I am on the train home from having done my Brighton run and am just writing about Cambridge and Peterborough – am getting very tired and more and more disorganised!

This was the last long trip with my mam and dad and i have to say they were mostly very well behaved!!!

This was shown before we left when i went to the garage to pump up my car tyres and mam managed not to comment on the fact 2 of them had only 18 lbs of pressure in them – i spotted the look on her face as i was pumping them up and congratulated her on her self control a couple of miles later – Dad gave the game away by telling me that she had pointed it out to him in the quiet of the car before i got back in so she was found out though!

The journey to Cambridge was very slow and we were late leaving due to (you have guessed it!) work. We were a little subdued. Not sure why but I guess we are all quite tired by the challenge now. We had a last minute panic when we appeared to be going in the wrong direction to the hotel but this was sorted by a precarious stop on the hard shoulder and mam reassuring herself she had read the post code correctly. Our conversation ranged through the usual, including bizarrely this time mam reporting that she had bought me a tin of Roast Stoat for Sunday lunch. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this – it appears it is a variation on my usual Mock Duck (vege meat stuff) mixed in with a bit of MS interpretation………….

We got to the hotel which reminded me of one of those American motels in the middle of a desert with nothing else around for miles (only this was in the middle of the A14 so not quite the same – but you get the picture…)

The hotel was lush and even better we were allowed to get takeaway and eat it in the dining room which we did on the first evening. We then went to bed and we had a lovely lie in on Saturday morning, We drove to St Ives and then got the Busway to Cambridge – this was an exciting mix of a bus on the road and then a bus on a railway line (doesn’t take much to get us excited!!!)

We got off the train and we deposited mam and dad in Starbucks to have coffee whilst i legitimately changed having classed myself as a customer. I then ran by the River Cam and only got caught in the mildest rain. I made my way back and met Mam and Dad (via Starbucks for coffee and use of toilets to change – again) and we then ventured into Cambridge for some retail therapy. We bought crepes and a hot dog and stood eating them in a random doorway. We know how to eat in style our family !!!

I found some lovely new boots for work and tried them out in addition to my particularly fetching outfit of waterproof running trousers and puffa coat – again classy comes to mind!

We looked around Jesus College grounds and then returned “home” on the (exciting) Busway via M and S for a grand supper that we were able to heat and eat in the dining room – we couldn’t quite get over that fact!

It was an early ish night after Wales v South Africa featuring my amazing backer, Danny Lydiate – (iss you both dreadfully Danny!) and a bit of Strictly (especially for Dad!)

Next morning was a leisurely breakfast then a drive to Peterborough. I ran randomly round pretty much in circles (large ones) and ended my run with a “photo shoot” of me on the floor posing with the Peterborough map in a shopping centre (slightly difficult to get back off the floor I must say – knees and feet suffering badly these days!!!

We met a lovely lady called Jane who asked about my challenge (apparently lying on the floor for a photo is kind of attention drawing!) who turned out to be a massage therapist (really could have done with her) but who stopped to chat to mam re my challenge and Luca’s cause. Have met so many lovely people doing this challenge who have offered up time and money totally spontaneously – see how you inspire so many people lovely boy.

We popped into Asda for food and Pets at Home (also for food but of a different kind) and then made the long journey home.

Good things about this trip

1) Shared with mam and dad
2) Lovely hotel
3) Chance for a heart to heart with my lovely mam
4) Lovely people me
5) Mam and i have now seen the trees through all 4 seasons which has been pretty amazing
6) We had a final chat about the Michael McIntyre / Rhod Gilbert thing (see various previous trips) and mam proudly announced she had finally got the names right – this was brought on by seeing rows of traffic on the other side of the road – a part of a Michael McIntyre sketch – which was funny in itself but is even funnier when Mam puts it down to John McIntyre or Rob Gilbert or Bob McIntyre – the variations were endless and it was almost a shame that by the time we had come to the Croeso i Gymru (pronounced correctly first time!) and the Sir Fynwy (never pronounced correctly) signs, Mam had finally got both comedians named correctly. Far more entertaining the process than the result!

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