Post Exeter week 65, run 66!!!

Exeter blog

Well here we are again! A busy week and then the luxury of being driven by my brother in law to Exeter and the company of my sister running with me as well as the super support of Jorja Grace and her witty repartee! In addition to this it was a “there and back” journey which meant that I had a free day at the weekend – I have been ridiculously excited when this has happened over this last 66 weeks as I have had so few and they have become particularly precious (especially now I have a (very lovely) new job that is full time and really quite tiring).

The journey down was fine and we found a parking place and got changed. During my attempt to remove my hoody I unfortunately got stuck in it. I had forgotten to undo it and it got to that difficult point where it would not move on or off. I waited and waited with my arms in the air for Kerry or Paul or Jorja to rescue me and put me out my misery. After some time struggling in the middle of a public car park I eventually rescued myself. I had been wondering what had happened to my lovely family and when the hoody came off I realised that instead of helping me they had filmed and taken pictures of the entire embarrassing event whilst crying laughing. These photos I am sure will be added to the “photos of Aunty Dee looking like a complete banana” album. Thanks guys – glad you all had a proper belly laugh on me!!!

Once everyone had recovered, Kerry and I set off – I was very very grateful to her for coming with me on this run as she was carrying an injury and really shouldn’t have run – neither of us felt like it but we kind of pushed each other on and eventually finished (stopped to take a pic of the lovely waterfall on the way round and also changing our route every time the gradient looked in danger of moving anywhere away from “dead flat”!)

This led to Mam’s text afterwards saying “interesting route” – I felt pretty proud that we had managed to run avoiding almost every incline – one up for the lazy runners!!!

We had a lovely meal (funded by the bank of mam and dad) in a Harvester and then wended our weary way back (Kerry stiffened up very nicely on the journey home which I was suitably empathetic about – i.e I laughed at her attempts to walk) I feel this was an appropriate reaction after being filmed stuck helplessly in my hoody!

This weekend is a rest weekend and next week starts the 1st of my last 3 runs for Luca -watch this space! ……

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