Post St Asaph – week 67, run 67!!!

St Asaph actual blog

In case you haven’t noticed – I have missed a week. Last weekend Mam, Dad and I went to visit my Aunty who has Parkinson’s. My Uncle died whilst I was doing this challenge and we try to visit my Aunty in Liverpool as often as we can. This is why I had “banked” a run in the Cambridge week so that we could visit Aunty Vi as I had no annual leave left.

Anyway, this was a tough run but I was in lovely company so it didn’t matter. I had a week of doing nothing in particular except working but I did manage to stay off the revels, ice lollies and any other rubbish for 5 whole days – result (the weekend didn’t carry on in that fashion though!)

My lovely brother in law drove us all to St Asaph on Saturday morning and was in a very good mood considering the main topics of conversation were my Kitten’s impending loss of his “man bits” and my sister and I comparing and contrasting and commiserating about various menopausal symptoms. Poor Paul must have wondered what had hit him – he didn’t bother trying to stop us (especially after hearing about the variety of symptoms we both were sharing including extreme intolerance!!!!!)

We got to St Asaph and it was basically shut! It was a lovely and very, very, very tiny City which Paul and Jorja explored (twice) whilst we ran. Kerry and I popped into a local pub to use the toilet and the manager kindly let us. We gave him a card outlining my challenge for Luca and he said the pub donate to a charity each week and that this week it would be to Luca – how lovely and amazing was that?

I had unfortunately left work on Thursday in a hurry and left to go to St Asaph on Saturday also in a hurry. This meant that unfortunately I had to run without 1) my knees taped 2) my proper trainers and 3) my orthotics 4) my normally positive frame of mind (ha ha!) . If I was ever in doubt as to the effectiveness of any the above (excepting point 4 which has never really arisen!) , this run proved that they have, in combination saved my challenge (personally I think the orthotics have been my best ever buy!! – also worth visiting Andrew at ACE just for his entirely unique and very funny take on life and the Universe!)I was in total pain every step of the way – my painful numb toes returned, my plantar fasciitis raged, both Achilles cried out to stop and my calves, unused to no orthotics both tightened up to a point of pain – did I complain???? Of course I did! every step of the way!! So sorry Luca – I really don’t do much in the uncomplaining manner you do!

Kerry totally kept me going – she looked lovely and relaxed (she wasn’t but is better at ignoring her pain than I am and complains less!) and stayed with me all the way (apparently because her luminous t shirt would protect me from oncoming cars in the failing light – nice of her to try and put it like that!)

We ran a relatively ok route for the first half but it had too many hills and for the second half wemanaged to find a flat route which we completed a “there and back” on (with a detour up a lovely flat path that turned out to be someone’s sweeping drive (twice)!)

After the run we got into the car and our chauffeur (Paul) took us to Colwyn Bay to the same guesthouse as we stayed for the Bangor 10k all those months ago. It was lush. I spent an hour in the bath and then we walked down to the “Toad” to eat – oh my gosh it was absolutely fab – we were starving and ate the most awesome food (too much) and drink.

The starter was the most amazing Portobello mushroom dish and as Kerry descended into a world of gourmet pleasure, she sighed so forcefully through her nostrils that she blew the candle out – we didn’t laugh at all (no really – we didn’t Kerry – don’t worry!)

We had a lovely walk along the front back to the guesthouse and I roomed with Jorja Grace. She was very gracious in telling her parents we had had a good night together when in fact she had let me have the window open (which she didn’t want) and she then had to put up with me when I fell asleep mid conversation (again!) We did have quite a bit of fun trying out various gym moves (forward rolls etc, backward headstands etc ) before I finally fell asleep so at least I was mildly good company for a (very) little time!

This morning we got up and had a lush, lush breakfast and were driven home by the chauffeur again – we managed to stay awake for most of the trip but didn’t exactly entertain with our level of chat.

This was our last mini adventure as a family and it was really quite sad. It was also a fab weekend so thank you to Kerry Paul and Jorja Grace – luv you all xxx

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