Post Wells – week 68, run 68 !!!

Wells 10k blog

From this foto I can really see how tired I am and also how against all the rules of regular exercise, I appear to have put on a stone since I started this challenge. If I had any energy left I would be particularly cross about that but to be honest I will just have to let it go and go and get my pack of revels…..ah, now that might be where I have gone wrong!!!

Well, the penultimate week is done! Oh my gosh – I cant believe this is nearly finished. I was 47 when I started this challenge and I am now 49 – at least it has been a worthwhile use of my last 69 weeks I must say!

Anyway, this week was Wells. It was a “there and back” in one day with Mam and Dad. I left it till near the end as I am really tired now and it is close. Well actually it was supposed to be close. I was trying to make less noise in the car to stop irritating dads hearing aid (just the one hearing aid – he should be wearing two but that is a whole other story – dad if you are reading this – MAKE THE APPOINTMENT!!! – you can’t escape me just because I am not at your house!)

Anyway, I turned the lady’s voice off on my sat nav and began the usual chat with mam and before long had sailed (well driven) straight past my turn off – doh! That added some time to our journey but the weather was fab and we were in good moods (mam and dad probably because the poor souls have sat in the car with me regularly for between 2 and 5 hours over the last year and they were probably secretly pleased this was only just over the hour – or was supposed to have been)

We got to Wells and found a car park where the meters were not working – result! Mam verbalised how little it worried her that we had not paid and no one else appeared to have paid or left notes in their windows – in fact she verbalised it so many times that I realised how worried she was…………

I left her and dad to shop and I ran – first half I misjudged and included some inclines (Kerry where are you when I need you) but the second half was properly flat. I ran to Kerry’s music to try it out – I can see why she shoots out from the starting blocks!! (well apart from talent!) it was much faster than my music – Kerry says it makes her go faster – it just makes me feel mutinous and stick to the slowest possible pace that would not be classed as walking.

I was in less pain as I had “Andrew ACE feet in motion orthotics” in – loving your work Andrew – – no numb painful toes for me this week – and the heel pain was less – yay! I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the run but it was definitely an improvement on St Asaph in terms of pain

I finished and we went to a Greek Taverna for lunch, did a bit of shopping in the cheap shop mam and I love so much and then bundled into the car home having avoided any penalty charges as predicted we would. Could almost hear mam’s sigh of relief.

Well the journey home was interesting. After half an hour we were still 50 miles from home courtesy of my sat nav that had taken us the scenic and cross country and longest route home imagineable. Fortunately I had the good company of mam and dad and a lovely day to drive in.

I was sad again this week as this is the last trip with my mam and dad and this year has really been a treasure of journeys with my family making the challenge so much easier to complete

So many people have been so lovely to me – very supportive and encouraging and I am hoping that next week, my end run in Newport will have a lot of people that I can say thank you to and will include the young man himself – Master Luca Williams – roll on run 69 of 69 in 69 weeks – shame about the £69,000 target not being reached but will def be working on that over the year to come……………

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